Shadowing Shifts

*Research Assoiciates Only* If you are interested in shadowing a physician, please follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Please check the google calendar below for times that you want to shadow. *Note No Overnight shifts!
  2. Once you’ve chosen a time, please email the attending you want to shadow by requesting the date and time at least one week in advance before the shift of interest and CC Lum.
    1. For a 7am-3pm Shift: Shadowing times will either be 8am-10am OR 12pm-2pm Not both.
    2. For a 3pm-11pm Shift: Shadowing times will either be 4pm-6pm OR 8pm-10pm Not both.
    3. Only one student per shift.
    4. Trading shifts is not permitted. The attendings are far too busy to keep up with long email trails. If you need to cancel, then just email the attending.
    5. Current EM attendings: Dr. Chhabra, Dr. Palter, Dr. Needleman, Dr. Dyer and Dr. Amin More will be added as needed.
  3. Upon receiving your email, the attending will reply to your request. At this time please add the two hour event to the calendar so that other students can see that the spot and shift are full.
  4. Email the attending the day before the shift to confirm that the attending has not traded the shift or called in sick.
  5. Make sure to dress business casual – your research polo is more than acceptable.
  6. At the start of the two hour block, find the attending in the ED or go to the triage desk and ask that the attending be paged overhead.
  7. Ask questions regarding the patients that your team is providing care to. Save the deep conversations about the lifestyle of the EM attending for another venue.
  8. At the end of each shadowing shift, you are required to complete a Clinical Pearl regarding a topic that you found interesting. *Note: Never include patient information.