On a recent shift at the ED, another researcher and I were in the process of enrolling a patient into the Health Literacy Study. We observed that the patient was unsure at first, however after receiving more information and further explanation from us (the researchers) and conversing with a family member, the patient was more than willing to participate in the Study. As the patient began to complete the forms associated with the Health Literacy Study we noticed that the patient’s family member wanted to participate in this process as well. This moment, really encompassed the importance of knowing the protocols of the research projects, in order to know what to do in moments like this. Having been familiar and comfortable with the protocol and the steps that should be taken in situations like this, we (the researchers) knew exactly what to do in this situation; so that the patient can fill out the forms, but also so that, the patient’s family member can be involved in the following manner, through the completion of another form and not the one the patient was completing.