I haven’t had the chance to speak to many gun shot victims, but there was one patient I spoke to who didn’t hesitate to share their story. The patient was shot in the upper extremity (right arm) while taking care of their kids. The patient quickly denied that social media played a role in instigating the gun shot since they rarely went on their phone. While explaining the story, the patient explained how they were walking to their niece’s house and there was a man on the same block yelling, who eventually pulled out a gun and shot the patient in the arm. Rather than screaming and calling for help, the patient calmly went inside of the house to call the police so as not to alarm the children. I found this very surprising and a bit startling, because getting shot in the arm seems extremely painful. Yet, the patient kept their emotions under control for the sake of the kids. This seems like an unfortunate case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.