When asking an asthma patient what they would do if their asthma got worse, they replied by saying they’d take deep breaths and drink water. I notified the patient it would actually be best to use the reliever medication, or go to the ER if symptoms worsened. Also, the patient thought asthma affected the chest, and not the lungs. Hearing the patient’s responses made me realize how vital our Asthma Action Plan study is. Most patients are unaware of the fact that there are different inhaler medications used for different circumstances, nor do they know how to use the inhaler properly. I think physicians should make an effort to provide all asthma patients with a sheet similar to the asthma education sheet when first diagnosing the patient. It can circumvent later problems that arise from the patient not knowing what asthma actually is or how to control it. Being aware of what asthma is and what medications to use in certain situations can make the patient feel more in control of their asthma, rather than the asthma controlling them.