Samantha, Iman, and I approached a patient for the Health Literacy project. I gave a brief overview of the study, but I noticed the patient began clutching their stomach tightly and made sounds of pain. It was evident the pain (most likely epigastric pain) was hindering their ability to comprehend what I was saying. I decidedĀ it was best not to worry about the study at this moment since they were in extreme discomfort, and thanked them for their time. The patient apologized but nodded and agreed this was best. I think the Health Literacy project is one of the more challenging projects due to the various scenarios that can play out while enrolling a patient. Due to this, it’s best to stick to your gut and try to get an understanding of the patient’s mood when giving a synopsis of the study. Hopefully over time I can become more confident in my patient interaction abilities and how to assess a situation more rapidly.