Clinical Research Crash Course

For Research Associates

How to get started

Welcome to the Clinical Research Crash Course! Read through these instructions and ponder if you are ready to undertake and complete this formidable research journey.

We all begin life full of questions. Today’s educational system too often tragically beats this natural curiosity out of its students. Your research objective is to learn how to ask questions again and master the tools to effectively satisfy your enquiry.

We have only one request of you, young seeker of truth. Once begun, you must be ALL IN and complete your journey from curious padawan to Research Yoda, no matter how long or difficult it may prove to be!

All Research Associates are required to complete the first three episodes seen below.





Episode I: Beginning the Journey

1: Getting Started

2: Conceiving the Research Question

Episode II: Planning the Path

3: Choosing the Study Subjects

4: Planning the Measurements

Episode III: Allies and Strategies

5: Getting Ready 6: Sample Size

6: Sample Size


Although it is not required, we strongly encourage our students to take initiative and complete episodes IV-IX, as well as browse other supplementary materials on their own time.


Continue with your inquiries




Episode IV: Protect the Effort

16: Data Management

17: Study Quality Control

Episode V: Testing Tests

12: Designing Studies of Medical Tests

19: Writing a Proposal for Funding

Episode VI: Testing Treatments

10: Randomized Blinded Trial

15: Questionnaires and Surveys

Episode VII: Learning from the Past

9: Enhancing Causal Inference in Observational Studies

13: Using Existing Data

Episode VIII: Learning from All

7: Cross Sectional and Cohort Studies

8: Designing Case Control Studies

Episode IX: Giving Your Gift

11. Alt Clinical Trial Designs